At the Prairie Spine and Pain Institute, Dr. Kube uses x-ray guidance to remove stem cells from an area of higher concentration in your body, concentrates the cells with a patented device, and injects them into your injured or painful area to potentially boost your body’s healing process. This procedure is typically performed with IV sedation and takes about 30 minutes. Concentrated platelets and plasma can be injected with the stem cells or alone into the injured or painful area to kick-start the healing process after a single blood draw.

The stem cell therapy procedure used by the Prairie Spine and Pain Institute uses the patented ART 21® device developed by Celling Technologies, with the support of Celling Biosciences, which is designed to maximize the highest yield of mononucleated cells.

ART 21® Device for Adult Stem Cell TherapyDoes it work?
Every patient is different. Two key determinants for success are dependent on the severity of your condition and your body’s response to stem cell therapy. At the Prairie Spine and Pain Institute, we provide consultations with patients from around the world to determine if you are a candidate.

A lot of professional athletes have benefited from stem cell therapy. It has helped them heal faster and get back into action without the extensive downtime, recovery, and rehabilitation required with traditional surgery

Is adult stem cell therapy covered by insurance?
Currently, insurance doesn’t cover stem cell treatment, but there are other orthopedic and spine treatments we can recommend that are covered by insurance. Please contact us if you would like to know more or schedule an evaluation.

Are there any clinical trials involving adult stem cells?
The Spine Institute is currently enrolling patients for two Mesoblast studies. Learn more here. The Prairie Spine and Pain Institute has ongoing enrollment, and wait listing, for Autologous Adult Stem Cell application studies. Click here to contact our research coordinator for more information.