Prairie Spine & Pain Institute prides itself in being a leader in the cash transparency market. Our physicians are at the forefront, advocating for what we believe is right in healthcare, and are proud members of the Illinois Free Market Medical Association. The FMMA is founded upon the following three pillars, below, using ethics and transparency in all areas of their businesses.

The FMMA is a non-partisan association that provides resources, support, and education to our members, and to the public, about the free market movement and why it is so important. They help to defend and expand the practice of free market medicine against the interference and intrusion of the government or other third parties.

Due to the wildly varying definitions of transparency and free market in this industry, many of which are neither free market or transparent, the FMMA has designated these pillars as the foundation of the Association.

The Free Market works when there is freedom of choice.

  • Price — PRICE is NOT a product, the CARE is the product. Selling access to pricing is anti-free market
  • Value — VALUE is established when the buyer and seller agree on a mutually beneficial price for care.
  • Equality Price EQUALITY is the basis of a free market. Cash is cash. Any willing buyer should be offered the same price regardless of any factor.