If you experience chronic pain, rest assured there are many people in this country in the same metaphorical boat. A recent survey from the US National Institutes of Health revealed that ten percent of American experience pain on a regular basis, many including chronic and more severe pain. Here’s what the analysis showed:

  • About 23.4 million American adults, or one in 10 adults, experience a lot of pain.
  • Severity of pain could be associated with race, ethnicity, language preference, gender, and age.
  • Women, older individuals, and non-Hispanics were more likely to report any pain.
  • Adults who reported the most severe pain:
    • Had a worse health status,
    • Used more health care services, and
    • Had more disability.
  • But half of those adults with the most severe pain reported themselves as having overall good health.

Chronic PainTo combat chronic pain, do your best to exercise every day, even if it’s just a walk around the block! Every little bit helps, and an integration of daily 30 minute exercises (raising your heart rate is imperative here) will go a long way. Stretching before and after your workout, as well as incorporating stretching in your daily routine will help prepare your achy body for the day, workouts, and help prevent injuries and strains. When exercising, focus on low–impact activities with low weights to optimize muscle toning and strengthening, as this is another way to combat and prevent chronic pain. Be mindful each and every time you exercise, paying attention to technique and form to ensure you do aren’t doing more harm than good!

This article originally posted on Healthcare.Utah.Edu.