Prairie Spine and Pain Institute had the fortunate opportunity to sponsor one of Samaritan Ministry International’s member appreciation events recently in Elkhart, Indiana.  Samaritan Ministries International has a concentration of members in their christian healthcare sharing organization. Prairie Spine, in front of the group, shared their story and efforts on how to address the challenges of seeking professional health care pricing transparency and how patients pay directly. Also, the challenges the medical community has accepting their cash payments and the lack of transparency when it comes to revealing true costs.

This approach is very difficult and frustrating and Prairie Spine wants to be a resource and educator in the patient / provider relationship, helping practices and facilities to understand this philosophy and to remove bureaucratic administrative costs.

Dr. Kube shared his thoughts on providing care in this environment and how the patient / physician relationship should be and how he values it as a provider and what Prairie Spine is trying to do to make a difference. Also conveying the ethical ways things should be done by providers so there is a transparency on what things cost and where their money is going.

Prairie Spine looks forward to coming events and was very excited about the opportunity to share their beliefs and efforts.