Dr. Richard Kube was recently featured from a panel of Spine Surgeons discussing how they achieve their personal goals with regard to health and wellness.

Richard Kube, MD. Founder and CEO of Prairie Spine & Pain Institute (Peoria, Ill.): Like any other habit, it starts with the first day. It is said that any activity you perform for more than 28 consecutive days becomes a habit. I prioritize my health over other options. I think most folks can curtail digital media consumption, whether it is TV, cell phones, social media, gaming and etc. Avoid excess in those areas and prioritize your day by getting up early and exercising. Utilize healthy meal choices. If those are not readily available to you then pack your own lunch. I watch little TV, I’m not on Facebook and I don’t own a gaming system. I do go to the gym most days and I do tend to eat healthy. It is how I start every day. It is too easy to find excuses and prioritize other activities at the end of a day. If health is important, it should come first; hence start the day with that in mind.

As a highly respected surgeon, Dr. Kube has spoken to patients and doctors all over the world including how important it is the manage your health on the daily basis. For overall wellness of the body as well as improvement of pain, eating healthy and creating an exercise routine, will help you stay on track for a “better” you.

This article originally posted on beckersspine.com.