Dr. Kube and Prairie Spine and Pain Institute are proud to offer Stem Cell Therapy to promote natural healing with spine and orthopedic conditions. With the goal of restoring function and mobility, we can help rejuvenate your quality of life through Stem Cell Therapy by decreasing your back and neck pain.

While orthopedic surgery remains a reasonable treatment option for some injuries and degenerative conditions, it doesn’t always work for everyone and it requires violation of normal anatomy and tissue. The goal of this minimally invasive procedure is to help you heal faster and regain pain-free motion while avoiding surgery and the inherit collateral damage it brings.

Stem Cell Therapy at Prairie Spine and Pain InstituteAdult stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative or biologic medicine. The goal of biologic therapy is to help your body heal itself. Stem cells exist naturally within your body. Their function is to provide healing in the event of injury. As we age, the number of stem cells in our body decreases, which can make our body’s natural healing less effective.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Stem Cell Therapy Procedures:

How do stem cells know what type of tissue to develop into?
The differentiation of stem cells is dependent on many factors, including cell signalling and micro-environmental signals. Based on these cues, stem cells are able to develop into healthy tissue needed to repair damaged tissue. For example, multipotent stem cells delivered to damaged bone will develop into bone cells to aid in tissue repair. Cells delivered into a joint or disc will develop into cartilage cells. The exact mechanism of lineage-specific differentiation is unknown at this point.

Will my body reject the stem cells?
No, adult stem cells are autologous, meaning they are already part of you, and non-immunogenic.