The new Spectra Wavewriter system allows physicians to perform multiple therapies using one device. Breaking through medical barriers, the new spinal cord simulator system is allowing Prairie Spine to now treat patients for chronic pain, without the use of opioids.

Combination Therapy

  • Ability to layer waveforms simultaneously or sequentially.
  • Use multiple therapies to treat a single pain area or multiple pain areas simultaneously.
  • Designed to deliver lasting relief to more patients.


Sub-Perception Algorithms

  • Proprietary Contour™ Programming Algorithm.
  • Shape the stimulation field over multiple vertebral levels to each patient’s unique anatomy.
  • Designed to easily cover the optimal target and maintain therapy over time.



Waveform Automation

  • Automatically rotate through different waveforms.
  • Capture real-time therapy ratings.
  • Designed to simplify SCS personalization and deliver long-term pain relief.


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