It’s never fun to show up to an appointment unprepared. It slows down the check-in process and can be frustrating. Here are some tips on how to make it easy when you have an appointment at Prairie Spine & Pain Institute.

When you are calling to make your evaluation appointment, make sure you have all of your information available. If you have a personal injury case due to a motor vehicle accident or a work comp claim, we will need the address of the insurance company that we will be billing. We will also need the phone/fax numbers, adjuster’s name, claim numbers, date of injury, and the name of the attorney handling your case. We need this information to bill for office visits and to schedule any diagnostics that the doctor may need to better diagnose you. All of this information is crucial in order to create the best plan of care for your road to recovery.

It’s helpful to visit our website and print out the paperwork that is needed for your evaluation appointment. This paperwork should be filled out in its entirety before arriving to your appointment. We do require that you arrive 1 hour prior to your scheduled appointment time if you DO NOT have paperwork completed.

It is also extremely important that you bring your picture ID/driver’s license and your commercial insurance card with you. We need a commercial insurance card on file even if you have a personal injury or work comp case. Please be aware of any deductible and/or copay you may have. When we are billing strictly commercial insurance we do require the deductible and/or copay at the time of the appointment.

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