The festive season often means serious overindulgence, the flu season is approaching, and many of us suffer from the winter blues during these dark cold months. Here are some awesome tips for staying healthy this winter:

Top 10 Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter1. Drink warming infusions to keep the chills away: try this Ginger Turmeric Lemon Infusion  to warm up and to relieve cold or flu symptoms.

2. Add ginger to your diet during the winter months, it is a warming, circulation-boosting home remedy that also helps indigestion and relieves cold symptoms.

3. If you catch a cold, a steam inhalation is an easy and effective way to treat sinus infections, colds, coughs and other respiratory problems at home.

4. Prevent colds and flus by making your own DIY Hand Sanitizer for the Flu Season

5. Take regular baths with essential oils to prevent colds and flus. When you feel the first symptoms of a cold or the flu, take a warm bath with antiviral essential oils and go straight to bed. Try these DIY bath recipes: Bath Blends for the Flu Season.

Top 10 Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter6. Use antiviral, antiseptic essential oils in an aromatherapy burner or vaporizer especially during the flu season. Try these antiviral and antibacterial essential oils: Essential Oils: Natural Cold Remedies.

7. Dark mornings and cold temperatures can make you feel low on energy, sleepy or just generally a bit down. Make sure you eat well, sleep enough, and get regular exercise during the winter months. Add these uplifting essential oils to your aromatherapy burner to boost the mood during the darkest and coldest months: Three Essential Oils to Relieve the Winter Blues.

8. The holiday season often means stress, overeating and -drinking – here are a few easy tips for staying healthy during the festive season: Herbs and Home Remedies for the Holiday Season.

9. After the festive season, try this Turmeric Tummy Tea Cleanse for a digestive cleanse.

10. And before the flu season starts, check out Untrained Housewife’s 10 Ways to Fight the Flu Naturally!

Source:; SatuSusanna Rommi; December 10, 2014.